How many of you have ever felt personally victimized by mental health stigma or sex negative culture?

Yep. Lift it up. Don’t be shy.

This is a space to let all that out. And finally take charge of the self care you deserve.

Cheeky Business is a hub for resources, news, and honest conversations about taboo topics within self care. When people think “self care” they usually think about spending too much $$$ on a spa getaway or taking a night to themselves. In this space, we challenge and expand that notion.

Self Care (noun): The management of the various aspects of your life that are central to your identity and health. Ex. Mental & Sexual Health

The Cheeky Business Manifesto

  1. Self care is a daily practice.
  2. Self care is intersectional.
  3. Self care is unique to the individual (no solution, problem, or advice fits all).
  4. No aspect of self care should be silenced or shamed (*looking at you abstinence-only education*).
  5. Everyone deserves access to honest information on how to take care of their body & mind.

Can we agree to all of these things? Great. Let’s put it to work.


The woman behind all this cheeky business: Ashley Cunningham

BEHOLD: my face.

Self Care Advocate | Amateur Porn Scholar* | Mental Health Stigma Fighter | Boss Ass Bitch

I’m on a mission to make some noise. I believe that advocacy starts with the self – when you own your truth and apply it to the greater community, you have the power to make change happen.

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Read my thesis on why women love gay male porn & why that matters: here