aside I challenge you to #StayWet (PODCAST)


the wet seat profile pic (1)
Cover art by Rebecca Todaro. Get a sticker here.

written by Ashley Cunningham for Cheeky Business

Hello, you cheeky bastards. Do I have the podcast for you.
For over a year now, I have been developing a podcast with two of my favorite collaborators dedicated to tough questions about sex – the kind of questions that I get asked all of the time, the kind of questions that we answer right here on this blog.
But isn’t everything better when you can listen to it on-the-go?
The Wet Seat is on a mission to make silence & shame about sex a thing of the past.

Our philosophy? Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to break down taboo topics. We believe in having uncensored conversations about real problems, experiences, & concerns. What. a. concept.

Each week The Wet Seat conquers a murky question about sex & sexuality. Hosts Susannah Wilson & Ashley Cunningham discuss what happens in (or out) of the bedroom and share explicit stories with the help of special guests and (a whole lotta) wine.

Curious? Take a listen. The first episode has my favorite period sex story in it. You will not be disappointed.

Not feeling it right now? We are right on your phone whenever you are ready. We are currently available on Pocket Casts, iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, & Overcast.

If you like what you here, make sure to like us on Facebook so you can keep up with new episodes, get a peek at behind-the-recording photos, & see some “naughty” art and articles in the process.

and remember…#StayWet

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