Access to Therapy is Social Justice


Dear friend,

The CSPH is a space where people don’t have to explain their identities, educate their therapist, or feel that they have to hide part of who they are. Our clients consistently give us feedback that the CSPH is a safe space for them to show up fully and work on their own healing and wellness.

A few months back our Executive Director and on-staff Clinical Social Worker, Kira Manser, wrote an article for Rhode Island’s Options Magazine entitled, “What is Sexuality Therapy?” In it, she notes that, “while LGBTQ people remain outside many dominant narratives, there are pervasive and powerful ideas about what is ‘normal’ within queer sexualities and relationships.

These misconceptions are doing active harm to our queer communities. The statistics are staggering. Across the board, queer adults are significantly more likely to have suicidal thoughts and suffer from mood disorders, and they’re also less likely to seek healthcare services or even have health insurance. Queer and trans people of color continue to suffer from much higher rates of chronic physical and mental health conditions than cisgender, straight, and white people.

But these are not just statistics. We see this reality reflected in our clients every day. Our LGBTQ clients experience the largest health disparities, and are also disproportionately unable to afford the full cost of therapy.

We’re determined to keep our therapy affordable by providing sliding scales rates to everyone who needs them. We refuse to deny our community members access to basic, necessary healthcare services — but we need your help.

In the next two weeks, we need to raise $4,200 to keep these services affordable for our community members. That means we need at least 35 new Sex Ed Squad members to join our monthly giving program in the next 14 days.

By joining the Sex Ed Squad at $5 per month or more, you can sponsor life-changing therapy for a person who wouldn’t be able to access it without financial support.

If you’re one of our 35 new Sex Ed Squad members, we’ll mail you the limited-edition bumper sticker shown below (in addition to your Sex Ed Squad swag!) as a thank you for your contribution, and for being part of providing these services to our community!

Can you make a donation today to support access to mental health services for our queer and trans clients? Join the Sex Ed Squad at $5 per month (or more!) OR make a one-time gift of $25, $50, or $100.

Thanks for being a sex ed warrior,
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Melanie Lucash

Social Media Coordinator

Intern Alum, 2015

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